Hackathon : Heal the Economy

Concretely, if the input of this edition of Hackathon was the choice of these six themes and the opening of the exercise to the largest number, the output is a list of well identified challenges, with key players and partners. These challenges will be published on a platform open to the regional and national entrepreneurial ecosystem, thus stimulating entrepreneurial initiatives in line with the issues raised.

For example, an industry that suffers from a problem of mobility of its workers would have identified for the challenger a well-defined opportunity with a defined and distinguished partner. The ultimate goal is the creation of a platform listing all the challenges to be seized by entrepreneurial initiatives with a rapprochement between the entrepreneur and the client or even with the identified key partner.

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An idea supported
by Mr. The Wali
of the region!

Mr. Wali, inspired by the high instructions of His Majesty, had the intuition to challenge the EBF incubator and its entrepreneurial ecosystem in the organization of this Hackathon in order tocushion the effects of COVID-19 on the regional economy and to seize the opportunities for revival and rebuilding on new foundations.


Sponsors and partners of the Hackathon #COVID-19

More than two
one hundred participants