Second Life

Our mission

We are coming together to rebuild the city.
We are on board the ship and we elaborate together the last checklists like ship captains.

From sanitary to financial, from human resources to customer and service provider relations, from the design of paths to the redesign of private and public spaces.

But what is a return to normal life without a return to a taste for beautiful things, art and culture?
What about our Creative Industries and what they are for the mind what food is for our stomachs?
How can we reconnect with the aesthetic?
And if at the end of our event, we offer ourselves a good moment of entertainment, make room for artistic, cultural happenings and music!

The event will feature the following universes throughout the evening

1- Checklists for public and private operators
2- Creative Industries and the revival of the soul
3- Entertainment and the right to recreation


Main Stage

10min Talks, 30min debates


4 thematic sessions


A sale to the benefit of Moroccan artists and associations as well as several ephemeral stores, concocted in line with the themes of the evening and boosted thanks to special offers Event.
These exhibitors could have in the virtual platform a real exhibition space, streaming and video conferencing to communicate with the guests of the evening.


1000 participants from the
Marrakech Safi
but also guests at the scale
national and international.